Randy's Cabaret Swan Song

On February 18 and 19, I attended Randy’s final two performances in Cabaret with friends from Germany, Italy, Australia and Texas. We were in the first row on Saturday evening and the second row for the Sunday matinee which was a whole lot better than seeing it from Row P as I did in Pittsburgh in February of 2016 at the beginning of Randy’s yearlong tour.

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Toronto Group


Back to the Roots of Queer as Folk in Toronto. What a fantastic time we had with Randy Harrison, Scott Lowell, Dean Armstrong, Makyla Smith, Sherry Miller, Harris Allan, Stephanie Moore, Fabrizio Filippo and the added treat of “Dame” Sharon Gless as the cast likes to call her.

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Last weekend, I journeyed once again to Bilbao, Spain to attend the Gale Harold Fan Meet. This was my third Zarata Event in Bilbao and each time it gets better. In addition to meeting up with several friends from my previous conventions, I met and became friends with another bunch of great gals and Gale fans.

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Dan and gals, Ron


Last weekend I traveled to Austin, TX for the ATX Television Festival. I met up with four other QAF friends, Jule, Dena, Arta and Judith. We all had weekend passes which granted us entrance to any of the panels there and at the three other venues, The State Theatre, Alamo Drafthouse and the Paramount Theatre all within walking distance of each other. As weekend passholders we were allowed to get three Fast Passes which would ensure us seats but we were welcome to go to any of the panels.

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The gang in Cologne


I attended the Con in Cologne on March 20-22. It started out as just a gathering of fans who had attended some of Cons but then Elke got Randy to commit to attend. Once he was signed, she decided to get Dean Armstrong who played Blake and Makyla Smith Deleo who played Daphne to attend which made for a very different but lively event.

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A few months ago I was arranging a trip to New York with some friends to see Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig and the Angry Inch and was looking around for some other plays to see while there. I had wanted to see Tyne Daly in Mothers and Sons but we had settled on July 22-25 for our trip and her show closed in early July. During this time, the news broke that Randy would be in Atomic during that same time so, of course, that was going to be one of the plays we would see. We also chose Beautiful, the Carole King Musical.

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Last week I travelled once again from Pittsburgh to Bilbao to attend a convention. Last year’s Showtime Con was for meeting Gale Harold again since he was unable to attend the Cologne Rise ‘n’ Shine Convention the previous year. This time it was a QAF Convention with the “Big Four”, Gale, Randy, Peter and Scott.

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Randy at Harbor

Randy in Harbor

Last weekend, some friends and I went to see two performances of Randy’s latest play, Harbor. I had read several reports about it from friends who had already seen it so I was not surprised with the less than happy but realistic ending but the fun of seeing how the four characters got to that point was delightful.

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